YOU can give hope in these uncertain times

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As Covid-19 has magnified the social and emotional challenges people face each day, a local philanthropic organisation, The Payton Foundation, has partnered with CHIPS to help us respond to the increase in emotional and social needs of local children during this time.

The City of Casey consistently has the highest number of reported family violence incidents in Victoria.  Following reports of an up to 75% rise in Domestic Violence during lockdown, CHIPS is looking out for the welfare of children (who no longer have the safety of school) and their families, by providing remote access to Chaplains, home activity packs, mental health resources for kids and materials to aid teachers working from home.

This week alone, the Chaplains have been organising practical help and walking alongside-

  • A teacher seeking help with violence in their home
  • Hundreds of families struggling with isolation
  • A family grieving the death of a child through cancer
  • Siblings coping with the suicide of a brother
  • A child grieving the loss of his Uncle who was a policeman
  • A Principal grieving the loss of a close relative

The Payton Foundation are giving you the opportunity to double your impact…that is, they will match your donation dollar for dollar.

Will you help us raise the $10,000 needed to provide children remote access to their School Chaplain, ensuring their safety and providing emotional support over the next 3 months?

If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity please head to: and nominate CHIPS!

We can’t thank you enough for your support as we continue to Change Little Worlds in BIG Ways together!