We’re all in this together…

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To say the start of 2020 has not gone as expected is truly an understatement for us ALL! For us at CHIPS, we are learning to adapt daily as the impact of the Covid-19 virus continues.
So, what are the CHIPS team up to?
– CHIPS’ Chaplains are continuing to provide pastoral assistance to school staff, children and their families (from local primary schools), as they navigate the ever-changing impact of the Coronavirus.
– Although Captain Eric’s bookings for this term have been postponed, both he and Cathy are continuing with the HUGE cleanup and reorganisation of CHIPS’ resources.
– CHIPS’ various policies and procedures are being updated.
– Our website is having work done (in the background) to make it more user friendly and efficient.
– Maintenance is being scheduled for the bus, trailer and car.
– A wonderful group of volunteers are servicing and repairing the pushbikes for the iBelong program.
– Practical and emotional assistance is still being provided to vulnerable members of the community, either through one-on-one visits or via telephone…
…just to name a few!
Please remember, you (and your loved ones) are NOT alone during this time. Although things may look a little different at the moment, not-for-profit charities and community organisations are still working to provide help where needed.
If you feel that you’re more anxious than usual, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out.
For some really helpful information, head to:
and remember, we’re all in this TOGETHER.