CHIPS provides a wide variety of in-school programs and seminars for children, PD’s for school staff and Family Fun nights for parents, carers and their children. All programs are tailor-made to suit individual schools needs and are presented in an entertaining and interactive way.

In-school programs for children are available to address issues such as bullying, friendship difficulties, anger management and more. One-off programs are also available to help children cope with a variety of issues such as anxiety and stress, or to assist Grade 6 children with the skills they need to transition well into secondary school. CHIPS’ in-school programs are designed to empower children and always receive positive feedback from both children and staff.

CHIPS has conducted numerous PD’s for school staff since the year 2000. Topics presented have included stress and burnout prevention, maintaining and building teams and how to build resilience in children. CHIPS’ PD’s are interactive and fun and staff feedback has always been positive.

Family Fun nights are also available for parents, carers and their children who want to improve the way they communicate with each other. The nights assist parents, carers and children to better understand and cope with friendship, grief or loss issues the children may be experiencing. The nights are presented in a ‘game-show’ style, to break down the barriers between parents and children. CHIPS draws on the help of other organisations to conduct these sessions, which includes a light dinner and non-alcoholic beverages.