Our Mission

CHIPS’ mission is to restore hurting, troubled children, and their families (who have experienced trauma, grief or loss in their lives) by connecting them with positive people and linking them with other local agencies, to help establish on-going family support.

All of our programs are tailor-made to assist school communities with their specific needs (which also includes supporting Principals and school staff who are under stress and facing difficulties either personally, or as a result of their occupation).

Our current programs range from: Life Gets Better Camps for children that have gone through trauma, grief, divorce or loss; iBelong Program for children (including those with a disability) to help build confidence, team work and break poor behavioural cycles; in-school programs for children to address issues such as bullying, friendship difficulties, anger management, stress, anxiety and more; School Support Seminars for school staff, parents, students and volunteers (all tailored to meet specific needs); events for families to build community connection as well as fun and exciting family fundraising events.