CHIPS Champions

CHIPS has conducted well over 500 popular land and sailing-based days since the program commenced under FaHCSIA’s Communities for Children Grant in 2003. In 2016, the iBelong program was supported by a CommBank Grant and from 2017, Colorific have partially sponsored the days. Each iBelong day aims to teach children how they belong in the community; how they are an important part of the community; and how their needs are met when they are part of the wider community.

iBelong days reconnect primary aged children experiencing social, emotional or physical difficulties, with their peers, teachers, parents and significant others through relationship building activities. The program addresses issues such as: self-esteem, resilience, confidence, building and maintaining positive relationships, team work and healthy social networking. Children take part in a variety of physical activities and learn new skills such as sailing, bike riding and orienteering, and also learn about local indigenous cultures. Children also get to participate in decision-making, which helps them to feel more positive about themselves and in turn, gain a greater understanding of others.

The iBelong program is available to all primary schools within the Cities of Casey, Cardinia and Knox and includes all transport, food, activities and show bags.

To become involved with CHIPS’ iBelong Program, or to book a day for your students, contact us today.