CONGRATULATIONS Ray Bell for being announced as the 2018 Casey Senior Citizen of the Year!

Everyone needs a little ray of sunshine in their lives and CHIPS is blessed beyond measure with quite a few.

Ray has been volunteering with CHIPS since we started in 1999! He is often seen walking about in sandals in any kind of weather; Ray teaches computer programming for Lego in his science club and is also able to cook a mean BBQ sausage!

Ray also Mentors primary aged boys; drives the CHIPS bus, on most weeks, for our iBelong program and has attended nearly all of our Life Gets Better camps as a Buddy.

Apart from his involvement with CHIPS, Ray is an avid member of his local Men's Shed and teaches English as a Second Language to new immigrants.

Thank you Ray for all you do in the local community. You indeed are a Champion and have changed many Little AND Big World's in BIG Ways.